post post is an independent consultancy that specializes in post-production workflows and next-generation asset management projects for media creatives.

The company was original founded in the UK by industry professional Jonathan Eric Tyrrell (JET). The studio office is located on a tiny farm, which means occasionally the rooster will participate in conference calls. (A one-of-a-kind experience.)

JET has decades of experience working in moving image production. In his time he has cut film, worked with videotape, exhibited work in galleries, created visuals for live events and once edited an award winning short film that was very nearly nominated for an Oscar! (You can expect to hear about that.)

For more than 20 years JET has worked more as a consultant and trainer. In this role he has designed, implemented and supported comprehensive end-to-end post-production workflows for clients including broadcasters, boutique facilities, film companies, news agencies, sports teams, Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organisations. This work has taken him across North America, as well as various countries in Europe and the Middle East.

For a number of years JET worked very closely with Apple as both a Distinguished Professional and Apple Certified Trainer. In this capacity he delivered public presentations on behalf of the company and taught Train-the-Trainer courses. He was also a contributing author to the Apple Pro Training Series of books. Today JET maintains trainer certifications in Apple Final Cut Pro X, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro.

It is the experience JET gained in production that has shaped his understanding of the demands of creative media jobs. He brings this knowledge to his current projects, listens to his customers and is steadfastly committed to introducing workflows that are straightforward, reliable and easy to work with.